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The Poo Dude, LLC

We Scoop Dog Poop!

Residential & Commercial Dog Waste Removal in Coweta County, Georgia

Residential Dog Waste Removal

We come to your home, scoop the dog poop from the designated area, and haul it away. You have a clean, safe yard free of dog poop, and your dog has a nice, fresh area to play in.

1 Scoop per Week: $74.99 a month
2 Scoops per Week: $139.99 a month

Commercial Waste Options

We service all types of commercial businesses, from apartment complexes and other communal living areas to businesses and recreational areas such as parks.
We also maintain dog waste stations!

Get a custom quote for your commercial account today!

Never worry about dog poop again!

A poop free yard is the perfect place for the whole family to play!


Spend the extra time focusing on something that you enjoy!


Clean feet & paws.
Is there anything else to say?!

Who is The Poo Dude?

Hey there, we are Cameron and Tiffany, the pet crazy duo behind The Poo Dude. 

We get asked a lot, what made you want to scoop dog poop for a living? Honestly, we just wanted to help dog owners in our community enjoy their yards again. We have seven dogs so we understand how fast dog poop piles up; we also spend 90% of our free time in our yard with our pets, friends, and family, so making sure the area is clean and safe is a top priority for us. We decided to start The Poo Dude so we could share our desire for a clean, safe, family friendly yard with our neighbors, because our community is so amazing, and they deserve the very best.

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